Wednesday, January 28, 2009

street thoughts

photo from lookbook

when immediate problems become underlying problems
when immediate problems meet underlying problems
when underlying problems meet immediate problems

the way an eye works
the way eyes work together

strong feelings towards other drivers on the highway

her mom used to take really beautiful photographs

I have the skinny

certain street signs make me very sad

"Mass Highway Underwater Operations"

looking away at the last second from things like roadkill

so much chrome

black lace lining my suitcase

it's amazing how the right constellations can make you feel

jazz music and fantasy - the American dream

my American dream

coffee-tinted vision

nothing so pretty as icicles

"the ocean is not as inexhaustible as it may seem"

people don't really watch other people eat

you are old

six red lights

the music is cracking

we keep records off the radar

I think it'll be shapes

a chrome illusion, highly impressionable


birch trees, rooftops and snow
towards a mountain I'll never know.
people built these bridges,
people built these roads.


trees hanging tumbleheads over the highway

sun on the valley,
a warm spread of tangerine jelly


this is all I'll see today is trees - void
but for the sun jelly across the top twigs
and pegasus tails straight in the sky

beautiful rust and small window panes
the backs of hotels seen from a train

everything is dark & silhouettes & snow rubbed off of rooftops

I'm most scared of dangerous things, like staircases and wet bricks.


half a body submerged

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