Monday, February 9, 2009

give me more than thirty seconds after//coughing green//plugged in left out of the refrigerator//sticks laid out side by side by side in boxes clamped crimped closed//swaddling scarves//velcro//i promise to try//not forever//a fever//a bookstore//squared bottles and laced threaded smaller headed pillows on the floor two mattresses the pillows on the floor//songs for me i'd have to tell you what to choose//but dancing all night but dancing all night collapse collide dancing all night where are you//you are a fever//don't do what's good for me don't i never do what's good for me and make me want it//hollers down the hallway shut up shut up shut up//cardboard walls and xacto knives and club meetings at night//tell me a story//you like me best when you//smilesmilesmilesmile on me smile all over me damn damn leash//you've got me on a leash a damn damn leash and it's hard enough to be my damn self//plugged in lizard skin guitar noises and those cardboard walls pipe noises pipe dreams pipes telling me i'm stupid to sleep pipe noises pipe dreams pipes hollering at me to sleep

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