Sunday, January 11, 2009


This summer, I ordered the Tripp NYC Stretch Twill Pants in yellow from Karmaloop. They shipped quickly, and before I knew it, I was pulling them out of the tiny box they'd been sent it and promptly yanking them onto my legs. Thank goodness for the stretch factor, because otherwise, the pants would have been unwearble! Granted, I'd ordered a size down, based on the advice of a friend who had purchased the same style of pants in the Trash and Vaudeville store in Soho. The shop assistant there came up to her and bestowed upon her the wisdom of choosing the size down. His words? "Girl, you'd better get the next size down, or you're going to be dealing with some serious baggy crotch issues." Or something along those lines.

In any case, the pants are TIGHT, but when I wear them, I am instantly transformed. I'm not sure what exactly it is, but these pants must have some sort of attitude hidden and sewn into the hems. Or maybe it's the skull studs on the pockets? Or the fact that my ass has nowhere to hide? In any case, the sauciness in me comes out roaring when I wear them... and dudes love it, despite the recent addition of faint navy splotches down the legs (keep me away from your laundry) or the belligerent coffee stain near the front right pocket. 

So. If lemon legs have such an effect on my sartorial attitude, imagine what cherry red leopard print could do! My latest purchase? The same Stretch Twill Pants, but in Red Leopard. Karmaloop was having a bit of a sale, and after scouring some coupon sites, I found myself away to save another $15 off of the already 45% off pants. Suck my dick, $400 luxury jean companies, all it takes this girl to get fierce legs is $30. That's only three hours of making lattes and playing tetris on the store computer. 

In all honesty, the print is a little intimidating. But I've just recently written a journal entry stating that I need to challenge myself more often (every day, I think I said), and this is a challenge I am certainly up for.

Plus, Karmaloop won't take returns of items with more than 40% taken off, so I'm stuck with them, unless I can find someone else willing to put in the work to get them on...

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