Wednesday, May 20, 2009

all of us

we’re all in love or we all want to be in love or we’re all lonely or we’re all afraid or we’re all waiting for our lives to start or we’re all looking at pictures of roses and pretty girls or we’re all writing down the funny things that people around us say or we’re all watching TV shows from our youths or we’re all worrying about money or we’re all worrying about never finding someone or we’re all trying to find the haircuts that work for our faces or we’re all trying to show off or we’re all trying to go faster or we’re all spending all day in bed or we’re all complaining about our jobs or we’re all sad or we’re all at the beach or we’re all turning the lights on or we’re all sitting on benches or we’re all doing our taxes or we’re all reading the newspaper and shaking our heads and thinking “i need to help” or we’re all cutting up t-shirts or we’re all in love or we’re all lonely

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

just a girl

This Dries Van Noten look for AW09 just slapped me across the face, in the gentlest and most loving of ways. With the slap, it drove the message home that style doesn't have to be about frills, studs, layers, or any other decoration or over-anything. Sometimes, style is just about being a young girl in a big coat. Do you see the romance in that idea?

leather envy

Korea's Loveland

Sunday, May 17, 2009

smaller squares

turn pants inside out write till the windows close on their own and sticky paint means little to none bandanas full of body moisture rags full of tears that didn't make it to the unicorn correcting my words before they come out escape escape es-cah-pay let it swim swim be be let it be be let it fuzzes buzzes nonsense none-sense pillows folding into squares smaller and smaller till everything necessary and un- can fit into this box of a room wings wings alas alas wings alas in flight don't have the patience to don't have the patience to gotta go gotta go will you let me go be? in my own geometry?

Friday, May 15, 2009

back home to new england


love home,
hate knowing:
i'll be here for three.5 months.

sense boredom.
not excited.