Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Every Day

Within the past year, I have graduated from my small town, moved to the "south," learned an entire new skill set for a new job, discovered a new favorite book, bought patent leather booties, fallen in love, changed my mind, broken a heart, taken on habits, voted for the first time, made lengthy playlists, had a magical island experience, moved to a bed downstairs, had week-long sleepovers, seen my sister break records, received tens of sketchbooks as gifts, become enamored with feathers, created and published my own magazine, said goodbye, met a new family, completed the first semester, given a friend everything I had, discovered Poladroid, done things I shouldn't have, decided to do things for myself, dressed as Gwen Stefani and a Floridian grandmother, scarred my ankles, brightened days, had my first actual bad bought of acne, fallen asleep in the sun, danced, written small truths, rubbed a receptive scalp, eaten lunch at 12:20 three times a week, lost my taste for sugared coffee beverages, seen the Patriots lose the Superbowl, visited Washington D.C. on three occasions, worsened my eyesight, sat at the tops of mountains, re-watched old favorite movies, adopted a Wonder Woman-esque cuff, turned white t-shirts blue in the laundry, read a poem of my own at an open mic, celebrated election results as one part of a campus-wide mob, made connections, worked hard, tried my best to remember that every day is a choice.
Here's to making mine wisely.

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